Virat Throws Open Challenge To Ranbir Kapoor

Moviez Adda

by Moviez Adda

Ranbir Kapoor has never really had a fall out with Virat Kohli and neither does he share a doubting relationship with Anushka Sharma! But yet, this Virat boy has unexpectedly thrown an open challenge to RK! Open challenge ? Like What? Well, don't freak out...we ain't referring to Anushka's play in this one rather it's all in the game...Yes! The All Stars Football Club comprising of Bollywood celebs like Abhishek Bachchan and Ranbir recently lost a charity match, 4-3, to the All Heart Football Club led by Virat! However, Virat is yet not satisfied with his victory has already predicted to get a big margin win with a 10-0 score! watching out for this power packed innings, stay tuned to Moviezadda for your next update!

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