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    This Is Why I'm HotRemix(feat. Cham, Junior Reid)
    [Verse 1: Junior Reid]
    This is why we hot, this is why we hot
    This is why we hot, this is why we hot, whoa oy wuy! Di girls dem love we so we know seh we hot
    Hot inna di charts, this is why we hot
    Step inna di club a champagne we a pop
    Serious mi serious and a chat we a chat
    Di girls dem love we cau we top certain spots
    This is why, this is why, this is why we hot
    Di whole a Jamaica yes dem know seh we hot
    Di whole America yes dem know seh we hot
    Mr. Junior Reid come a bless this a chat
    Blackout Movement so One Blood family ever hot
    Number one record pon di billboard spot
    This is why, this is why, this is why we hot
    [Chorus: Mims][Verse 2: Cham]
    Wow wow!!! I got my clip to di rear of mi, punks live in fear of mi
    Dudes on di block wid dem glocks runnin scared of mi I keep my tool near to mi, so don't just appear to mi Neva touch my money no my money's near to mi
    I'm in di club ballin in di V.I.P. booth
    Shorty starrin at mi cause di kid's cute
    This is why I'm hot you know it is di truth
    She waan to get some lovin from a hardcore yute
    So she made it very clear to mi whisper in my ear to mi
    In har soft voice she seh hi in my ear to mi
    Chicks who neva dear to mi, bringin over beer to mi
    Girls throwin there underwear over here to mi
    [Chorus: Mims][Bridge: Mims]
    Aiyyo Blackout!!! Yo you know we got to kill this beat once and for all
    Matter of fact this is how we 'gon do it
    Light the fuse for me though, they got one minute to go Mims!!!!
    [Verse 3: Mims]
    Now if you take the sun and multiply it's heat
    Ten times over then what you find it's me
    I ain't the reason why crack turn from cocaine
    I light it up then burn slow on that propane
    Yes I'm a don but not the Juan from Soul Train
    Teflon don I'm a boss in my own frame
    I could flip it if you need it I got it for real
    If you don't see it then they probably ain't got it for sale
    I got the East Coast bumpin me hard I got the West Coast bumpin me hard...