Titán © vs Niebla Roja for the Mexican National Welterweight Championship

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CMLL on Terra: 2014-06-01
taped 2014-06-01 @ Arena Coliseo
5) Titán © vs Niebla Roja for the Mexican National Welterweight Championship
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That helmet is ridiculous. The shoulder pads look pretty cool though. Love the chicas in pink. Very smart wrestling to open the match. Pretty cool how Niebla Roja's mask kind of has newspaper printing. Ooh, Titan showing some power at 7:06 . Niebla tried escape Titan but couldn't when he came off the apron. That 8:23 back chop sounded like it hurt. Niebla Roja takes advantage to get the first fall. * 2nd. Moce Ace crusher. Hate when rudos get cocky cause it becomes even more obvious they're going to get bit in the butt. Dumb move to try to intimidate the referee. Niebla Roja certainly has control in the 2nd round. There the Dragon screw prepping the comeback. Who is the mom like figure they keep going to throughout the match? It is a bit annoying how long the camera would stay on a fan. Like, you know there's a match happening right camera man. Nice Titan's trap to gain the 2nd fall. * 3rd. Titan's bouncing on the ropes may have been a bit much but it seemed to pay off. 18:15 Niebla was ready for Titan. He's trying to play it smart. A pretty dangerous kick in the butt 19:55 right there. Niebla is taking no chances. He wants the belt. Oh come on, Titan. 20:50 is a really silly time to take Roja for granted. Maybe he did have a plan setup with the rolling single leg crab lock. A lot of back and forth. Not really a lot of control from either guy in the last round. Really like the reversals but hopefully the pace picks up just a tad in the end. Feel like there was a slip up at 25:35. Maybe Titan was supposed to go for an armbar. oh well. * For sure thought the match was going to be a 4.1 but with the pace dropping and a slip up here and there I'll give it a 3.9/5.
By Jim Cusick last year