Fabolous - Breathe


par Marieke

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11 commentaires

j'avais ce clip dans mon pc avant, chu fanatique ...
Par rvd62 Il y a 5 ans
aie aie elle tue si ta en a d autre fais tourner man
Par dardier thierry Il y a 6 ans
Niggas trying to put my paper on a trail, like Opus Dei, I aint Silas, Fuck What Davinci say, This the G Code, Leave ya nose leaking, Leave ya mouth treating, thats treason, Yall the reason for My Cam'ron CD's, Tis the season for yall to be breathing, acting broke, choke, I worked, learned, been fired, been burned, not sexually so I aint Money mike, Tell Da Mon or THE MAN, Im the Grand Stand, Leave yo ass like a Stan, Now you Killing Ya Self, Im my number one fan, yall will not Selena ME, I Shakira it, Insurance with the Kids with it, Fuck a Primerica, Geico, and AIG, Im International, Like SI, Yes, and WEI, Thats Soccer, No Toe Prints, So Print this in the Journal, Obama going on dates, when Im still washing Plates, So if You SOSA, clean in house first, Im the Worst Portuguese to try to pet, Do it like a Pet, Tell Gia keep the curly Vet, Thats the Perm, Yall Sherms, Me Im Like I was Warm, Now Im hotter than Plies, Get it Like Dumb GUys, Still a degree, SO FUCK THE other G's, IM G, LIK
Par Rich Mundo Il y a 6 ans
Par Milanico128 Il y a 6 ans
bonne zik
Par Jeremy Compagnon Il y a 6 ans
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