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    Mormons, Beer And Alcohol In Utah-Part 1

    Samuel the Utahnite

    by Samuel the Utahnite

    This is a video(thanks to Ray for pointing it out) describing how beer and whiskey was started in Utah by Brigham Young, the 2nd Mormon Prophet. He started the first brewery, distillery, bar, saloon, sold alcohol in Mormon owned and operated ZCMI, along with tobacco. In fact, his whiskey was famous for the punch it packed, even on the east coast!!

    In other words, they didn't obey their own "word of wisdom", which will now keep you out of their temple and from Eternal life in the Celestial Kingdom.

    3/4 of the infrastructure of Utah, was built using the money from their booze sales and Utah currently has more breweries per capita, than any other state in the USA.

    It also reminds us all that they are just returning to their precious booze roots, by allowing alcohol to once again flow freely in their new multi-billion dollar malls, which will be complete in about 5 years.

    So, when the preach in the next General Conference that alcohol is evil, a sin, destroys families, is destructive, etc, just remember that they will be selling it, allowing it to be served that they are invested in it.

    In other words, they are hypocrites, liars and frauds!!