haloid Master Chief vs. Samus Aran

kobina ofosu
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super bonne ..! .... ..
By loveelybabi919 4 years ago
you're really funny! btw check out my pics!! !?
By zaramitila1 4 years ago
wow, simply epic man, this is just to amazing well done.
By firetong1 5 years ago
that was the most unbelievable shit I've ever seen! It was SO Fucking sick dude, especially when samus (zero suit) threw the two shields and Master Chief Shot right in the middle of the shield and kept bouncing back and forth. This video reminds me of Dragonball Z Budokai Infinite World (video game I have for the Playstation2). The only part I regret watching is when samus took off his helmet armor and it turned out to be the spartan from DOA4. Now! I know that other viewers who wrote about this mix up of master chief to be spartan from DOA4. I mean master chief talks and acts and fights and shoots like a real mandatory hardcore badass. But besides that, Everyone who was thrilled by this (including me) we salute you MontyOum!
By Calvin w. Jackson 6 years ago
Masterchief female?It can't be true.In the game he is a male.Samus is a stupid idiot,and the end is very stupid (the hugging part)
By verax4me 6 years ago
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