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dropping knowledge shot Chocolate City »we are here to stay« in New Orleans on January 31, 2006, 155 days after Katrina hit. Residents of the Lower Ninth Ward and Chalmette, two destroyed areas, tell how they have survived without promised help from the U.S. government. Chocolate City features the Common Ground Collective, an NGO in the Ninth Ward that provides relief and organizes against government efforts to take over homes, especially in Black-owned areas.

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New Orleans is a wicked city of voodoo, and vice. It's history is over. Give it back to the swamp.
Von Hughganaught vor 6 Jahren
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Von tseheno vor 7 Jahren
the Bush government is a government of hypocrits..leaving people dying like this, this is outrageous..I am wondering if there are Mr bush's family in new orleans?? well..they could probably afford to go away is always the same who are victims!! day they will pay for what they did I guess and.... even if they pray!! one day, these guys will pay cent by cent their wrongs, or if they don`t, their descendants will:) those wrong actions..U gotta pay "taxes" before God won`t let them :):)
Von tseheno vor 7 Jahren
that shithead bush. well 1 more yr and hes is out of there... maybe something will change .. did you now that the 1st thing bush tried to do was change the constitution so that he could stay as president for more than 2 terms... he has been trying to do this for most of his presidency...
Von alonso vor 7 Jahren
very interesting, really.. i guess it just shows more and more that the american government is thinking as a company, or for the companies than for the people who vote for it.. cruel really.. the people are less and less protected.. where will it all end? i don't know, anyways, please watch my videos aswell. about politics
Von ladyicecream vor 7 Jahren
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