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    Arturo & Diz - And then she stopped

    Kim Doran

    by Kim Doran

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    every thing dizzy plays sounds like a mistake. i have all ways felt that way.
    By MARK WELLS9 years ago
    Christopher Greene
    Is it just me, or did Arturo Sandoval kind of blow Dizzy out of the water?
    By the way, this video is awesome!
    By Christopher Greene9 years ago
    only ***** musicians!!!
    and airto moreira - made in brazil!!!
    very good video! congrats
    By weisenheimer9 years ago
    To the person askin "what is Jazz". Jazz is everything. If you listen to hip hop you will find elements of jazz if not find Jazz/blues in it. If you choose the right "Jazz song" you can Rap/Flow over it just as easy as you could flow over a good beat. Think of the rapper as the lead trumpet playin a solo. Check out Lupe Fiasco's "Skate". Open your mind hommie. Jay-Z and many others can be considered Jazz in a way. Its Grown Folks Music.
    By vicci449 years ago
    I thought at first that it was Dizzy and Arturo "Tito" Fuente. Dizzy and Sandoval works.
    By vicci449 years ago
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