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    The Death of Mirchiru

    David Ekedahl

    by David Ekedahl

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    My second Getter Robo dub, and sadly the last one I've ever made so far. I simply had no more ideas, and I was hellbent on starting to dub New Getter Robo, but I wasn't able to rip the DVDs without having the sound go completely out of sync, and various other problems.

    This one was good enough, if you ask me. I dunno why I didn't dub Michiru's voice, it just felt like there wasn't anything important to dub, and her original dialogue proved kind of useful for the video. Oh well, have fun, kids.

    Oh yeah, the "censored line"? I was SUPPOSED to sing a part of "Mr. Roboto" by Styx, but it SUCKED HARD and I got the lyrics wrong. I couldn't stand hearing it, so I got rid of it.