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    Young Jeezy and USDA - White Girl


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    Rich Mundo
    Jeezy got a white girl bait off Pat Mell, Who Dat, Boy Good Samaratian, I aint Caring, Im seeing what the business is, I guess its Slow Motion, Like Me and My Dudes on Lock, BUt this aint on TV, I aint never been to compton, Had A cousin from that Land, I don't respect the apprentices, SO Call Me Donald Trump, I ain't Travis Baker, I don't bake Cakes, I teach the Girls How to Back without an eazy bake oven, Its all mental, Ma Getting Lessons from Me, Thats what the made for, So don't worry about cooking or Me Looking, Its part of my Job, My Real Gangster was Meryll Streep In Devil wears Prada, So tell Al Pacino and Robert Dinero to stop it, Whattup Miranda, This an Amber Alert, I been missing in action for 29 years, No Profit, I am not Cinderfella, Tell them Sisters to Step, and let the Step Mom KNow I walk on Cracks, Meaning I will Break ya back, U aint no kin to me, SO if you Married to him, thats where you need to sleep, cause even breathing Me is a out of this world FEE, Pretty Ton
    Por Rich MundoHá 7 anos
    Rich Mundo
    Hey Beyonce excuse me, Ugghhh Sasha Fierce, Uhhhh B, Uhhhhh Diva, Hey Bitch yeah Ms. KNowles or Mrs. Carter, I need u to Tell Shakira, Dame Otra Tequilla and here is a grand upgrade ya weeve, Keep the Weed for the Goons, Keep That Johnny Walker for the Goons, Keep that Budweiser for Me, Best of Both WOrlds=Corporate Thuggin, See Some of em Get jacked for what they wore that Yale Jacket For, See Me I did the Bachelor at the University but I slept with the Streets and Came out with a Masters in Street God, SO save the Communications if yall aint giving us Money then Yall Playing Texas Hold em like Lady Ga Ga, But unlike Lady Ga Ga, we got no use for yall end of the Saga, They keep trying to be slick, put know I pull my own bitches so stop with the twitch, its making me nervous, end o f the circus, now clean this shit up, What is Shit, What I say!
    Por Rich MundoHá 7 anos
    un air de kamini le gars
    Por yoooooooooyoHá 7 anos
    - susu sa fliiingue !! -
    Por Fullpower91Há 7 anos
    he kamini on ta reconnu
    Por gama_iceHá 8 anos
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