Billy Joel - The Longest Time


by jpdc11

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he put me in mind of a freind angus they way he lookes roundat his pals
By Karen Occardi 5 years ago
I hope that wernerkelly and bournmatty have split up by now, that was sickening.
By vienna92 5 years ago
I like this song very much. Thank you so much. ^__^
By Seng Limin,Desiree 7 years ago
You know i only shed tears because of you, i dont want you to leave you are one of best things that have come into my life and turned upside down and back again, I hope you do intend to hold me for the longest time cause i do as well, and i know its going to work for us because we have strong similarites but if you are there for me i will be there for you always, matty listen and take a look that i rather nothing expect you, i would give up everything just to keep you in my life, go to any extents to have postive and strong relationship that will last... Include me, miss me and love me lots and dont let go, and i will do the same in return. I have faith that you are the perfect man for me... Love you lots Kelly xoxox
By Kelly Werner 7 years ago
well 2 days to go until the graet binge NICE cant wait to be together again its gonna be awsome suff :-)
By Mathew Bourn 7 years ago
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