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    TMNT: Bastardized

    Alexander Harrington

    by Alexander Harrington

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    Please make more of these.
    By 87fg6 years ago
    DJ Chavo
    The reason they don't comment is bc this is a French site. They don't quite get the American humour or pop culture references. Man, they don't know what they're missing. I loved this vid when I stumbled upon it on YouTube. Those bastards took it down, but it found a new home here. Good job, psyguy!
    By DJ Chavo8 years ago
    Guy Incognito
    A lot of people don't comment on Dailymotion I guess, but oh well. I have the prevelage of being the first to comment this video. Let me just say that this episode ROCKS! It's so so freakin hilarious. The music from the old Ninja Turtles games also brought back some good memories for me. God, I loved TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist on the Genesis. I sure hope more of these are on the way.
    By Guy Incognito9 years ago