Ultimate Warrior vs Haku-WWF Title


by TSteck160

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date of this snme was April 28, 90
By nick7585 2 years ago
From early May '90 Warrior's '90 reign saw him formulaically plow through your typical stable of mid-card heels - tonight was Haku's turn. Bobby delivers a typically great promo on the notoriety of Texas and Haku speaks - he speaks English?! was this the first time? Okerland looks genuinely befuddled during Warrior's deluded mythic ramblings. Haku could work but was never particularly smooth or bright in the ring. Here he stands not close enough to the ropes in order to flop over the top rope when accepting one of Warrior's lame clotheslines - stiff arms rather. The heels' last big move should be awesome so that when the king babyface kicks out - we're in awe...how lame is it that Haku's last offensive move is the same splash Warrior pins him with 30 seconds later. Total formula and skippable encounter.
By jboyaquar 7 years ago
warrior sucks
By Dustin004 8 years ago
I miss this old shit
By COMBATVET1981 8 years ago