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    Obama's Operation Choke Point isn't choking your chicken

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    Back in 2013, Obama's Justice Department launched an under-the-radar project called 'Operation Choke Point,' which was designed to destroy third party payment processors, payday lenders and online lenders.

    The plan was simple. Strangle the providers of financial services to online vendors, thereby allowing the government to 'choke off' the money they needed to survive, thus eliminating the ability to process payments.

    Unfortunately, a program that was made to stop financial fraud has developed into massive government overreach into legal private businesses such as porn, ammunition sales, online gambling and racist materials. Apparently escort services, get-rich-quick schemes and payday loans were also targets of the Department of Justice's program.

    Americans might want to hurry up and find the Justice Department's 'Choke Point', because think of those who might be choked off under a different administration.


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