WWF - Rock vs. Mankind (Halftime Heat) 1

Graham Wellington
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The Rock vs. Mankind from the Superbowl halftime show. I guess this is a pretty rare match. This isnt the best title match but its funny as hell. It looks like some guy filmed this off his tv, but its still cool

This is part one........the Rock is awesome


Man, if the next WWE SmackDown Vs. RAW 2009 had this kind of match as well as well as the rare ones from the old classic attitude WWF that they don't have in the WWE, that'll be so awesome! I'd definitely buy it if it did. :)
By Ian C. 7 years ago
at like 5:12 the rock was funny because he just like didnt even care about the last cahir he threw he just picked it up and then threw it alittle
By cj 8 years ago
the guy did record it off the TV wat a moron
By Stefan Michael Townsend 8 years ago
I remember this. It was mad.
By aj4life16 8 years ago
How did you get this match?
By HBKfan16 8 years ago
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