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    50 Shades of Grey - Pan Play Decadence

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    by futureartists

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    If 50 million copies of 50 shades of grey have been sold - then this will become the biggest selling VOD of all time? - full uncut version here

    *WARNING - Contains strong Adult Themes.

    'Pan Play Decadence' tells the story of the alternative lives of people united by their passion for 'transgression' via self discovery.

    Felico, a hockey champ in a wheelchair, Kraian, a school teacher fond of S & M, Federicona, a romantic fifty year old transsexual that works in the streets, still in love with the man with whom she was engaged to twenty years ago.

    And the cyber punks pushing sexuality to the edge of reason.

    These are just some of the stories that intersect in this living fresco:

    'Pan Play Decadence' is a film in the making, a document of a contemporary world, ranging from little-known instances of collective and individual needs, the search for touching paths of intimate salvation.

    Future Artists selected the film from the Sheffield Documentary Film Festival 2013.