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    Islamic persecution: American doctor gunned down in front of family in Pakistan

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    A Pakistani doctor who fled religious persecution more than two decades ago was killed in front of his family on Monday while on a trip to his homeland.

    The dual Canadian-American citizen was an Ohio-based cardiologist. He was murdered in eastern Pakistan on Monday while visiting a cemetery where his relatives are buried.

    Mehdi Ali Qamar was targeted by gunmen on motorcycles and was shot repeatedly in front of his wife, sister-in-law and young son.

    The gunmen returned a second time to ensure Qamar had been killed, shooting him at least 10 times, police said.

    Qamar was killed, local officials said, because he was a member of the Ahmadi sect of Islam, considered heretical in Pakistan.

    Fleeing religious persecution, Qamar emigrated to Canada in 1991 before settling up a medical practice in Ohio.

    A spokesperson for a group that represents the Ahmadi faith in Pakistan condemned the "brutal murder of a doctor who had served humanity without discrimination."


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