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    Tragic shopping cart game fail drowns Georgia boy in Altoona lake

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    Hey parents, have you talked to your kids about the dangers of using fat people as anchors? Well, it's a thing and it killed one kid in Atlanta last Saturday night. That's right, 18-year-old Chance Werner from Cartersville, Georgia, died mere hours after graduating from high school, when his friends tried to use him as an anchor for their "shopping cart game".

    The shopping cart game is played by putting your friend in a shopping cart tied to a pylon of a dock. Then at least one person pushes the cart until the rope catches, rocketing the rider into the lake.


    But, for some reason, on Saturday night at Altoona lake, the kids used their friend Chance as a substitute pylon. But when they pushed the brain trust off the dock, Chance followed right behind him.

    It turned out the shopping cart made a better anchor than Chance, a turn of events that not even the responsible adult of the group could have foreseen. The fire department located his body three hours later, still tied to the cart, in 30 feet of water."

    So in addition to planking, car surfing, huffing, choking, and getting high on cat urine, now you can talk to your kids about the dangers of shopping carts. Never mind your kid probably never wanted to do this until you mentioned it.


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