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    Santa Barbara killer Elliot Rodger blamed 10 year old girl Monette Moio for making him hate women

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    In the lead up to Saturday's spree killing in Santa Barbara, in which 22-year-old Elliot Rodger killed six people and wounded several others before turning a gun on himself, the killer released a rambling 141 page manifesto and several youtube videos attempting to explain his motivations.

    Among the list of normal childhood experiences that Rodger interpreted as inexcusable slights, he recalled being ridiculed by a 10 year old girl, Monette Moio, when he was 12.

    Normally TOMO News wouldn't identify the girl, but her father, John Moio has been talking publicly about his recollections of the young Elliot Rodger and trying to dispel any notion that his daughter could have played a part in Rodger's acts of insanity.

    John Moio is a Hollywood stuntman, and his daughter Monette is today a successful model. But 10 years ago, she was 10 years old and apparently the object of 12-year-old Rodger's desire.

    Her father says that Monette is devastated that she's been linked to Rodger's sick justifications for his hatred of women. John Moio expressed his sympathy to the victims as well as the parents of Elliot Rodger.


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