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Yungtown is here with your Watch Dogs Lore! http://bit.ly/MoarLore

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Written by Jared Rosen:


Voiced by Yungtown:


Animated by Zeurel:



In a contemporary near-future United States, technology and peopsle have integrated in a way that has linked everybody and everything via a vast, overreaching internet infrastructure that spans the globe. In the technological springtime of this society, a dementia-suffering supercracker named Raymond Kennedy unleashes a virus into the power grid that shuts down the network for 55 million Americans in the Northeast, killing 11 and injuring hundreds.

The networks are repaired and now major metropolitan areas are host to supercomputers known as Central Operating Systems that both act as hubs for all incoming and outgoing data, and are protected by small private armies of security personnel. During this time, black hat cracker Aiden Pearce, whose hacking abilities have already disrupted the work of both crime syndicates and shadowy government organizations, loses his niece in an “accident” staged by one of the groups he was compromising – a casualty in their mission to get rid of Aiden and the information he has that could ruin them.

Vowing to take revenge, Aiden turns the supercomputers against his foes as a vigilante anti hero whose only motivation is to destroy his enemies and find out how many bar bouncers have dating site profiles.

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