LORE – Watch Dogs Dev Lore in a Minute!


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Vash12349 is here with your Watch Dogs Dev Lore! http://bit.ly/MoarLore


Written by Jared Rosen:


Voiced by Vash12349:


Animated by Jeremey:



Beginning in 2009, Ubisoft Montreal creative director Jonathan Morin decided to approach open world games from an entirely new angle, hoping to allow players to manipulate an entire sandbox while also being able to play in it. Having recently acquired the Driver IP, the team went to work on the newest entry, but realized they weren’t making a Driver game at all. They cancelled the game, reshuffled the team, and began anew, resulting in Watch_Dogs.

Watch Dogs was conceptualized and launched around a completely from-scratch game engine, and with the help of Russian antivirus firm Kaspersky Lab to keep the feel realistic. As a result, multiple mobile platforms were integrated into development as complementary experiences. Watch_Dogs was eventually unveiled during E3 2012. Unfortunately, the game missed its initial launch date a year later because it ‘needed more polish.’ It wound up pushed back to early 2014, then again to mid-2014 due to more performance and polish issues until finally settling for May 2014 after going gold.

Now, after half a decade in development, Watch_Dogs will finally reach the hands of eager gamers everywhere. Unless those gamers want a replica of Aidan’s hat. Then they’ll need to live in Australia.


HQ movie is on this url 71ny.de/mCp1O
By LesterFischer21274 Last week
Here is the only spot that has a working version 1c.fr/8FR8
By EverettKnapp80276 3 weeks ago
is.gd/T8Gkbp -> (hq version)