WWF Smackdown - Triple H vs Tazz

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1 time only, WWF champ HHH vs ECW champ Tazz - 2000 on Smackdown. This was just after the Mike Awesome title controversy.

8 commentaar

man i forgot how the WWE would even job out ECW on their own product even back then.
Door Nova_Jericho 7 jaren geleden
yo what's the song at the beginning called? that is an awesome sound right there
Door Kevin 7 jaren geleden
If this was in ecw tripple hhh would of gone st8 to his grave.
Door Teddy 7 jaren geleden
Taz should have win!
Door rylaid 7 jaren geleden
The fans were really in to that match.
Door Graham 7 jaren geleden
Laat meer beoordelingen zien