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    Austin gets kidnapped

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    The golden days of the WWF. The shit got flushed down the toilet ever since it became the WWE. GARBAGE
    Von bobl0blawVor 9 Jahren
    I love this! its so funny espcially when Pauls like "Takerrr..." and Taker is caught up in his words and hes like "huh what?"
    bahahaa its some crazy stuff with nonetheless Taker and entertaining as hell!
    Von deadmanfan4lifeVor 9 Jahren
    at the end what the hell undertaker was say but great vid
    Von theconscienceVor 9 Jahren
    Bad MediCyn
    A five, thank you sooo much for posting this
    Von Bad MediCynVor 9 Jahren
    Bad MediCyn
    UnderTaker owning Austin is always awesome hahhaa!!!
    Von Bad MediCynVor 9 Jahren