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    Mormon Documentary Pulls Massive Ratings

    Samuel the Utahnite

    by Samuel the Utahnite

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    The PBS Documentary entitled "The Mormons", that aired on April 30 and May 1, 2007, pulled massive ratings for PBS, compared to what they normally have. They pulled an average of 10 times more people than normal and beat out shows like "Law and Order".

    Maybe this will inspire PBS to do another documentary, in about 10 parts or more, that tells the whole, complete story and history of Mormonism, in painful and excruciating details.

    Hopefully most people that watched it, all around the USA, realized what a complete scam and fraud Mormonism truly is, despite the warm and fuzzies they tried to create in certain parts. Maybe they can do one with all ex-Mormons and their point of view, or hell, maybe I'll do it.

    You can watch the entire documentary at Also, you can listen to the rebuttal I did with Demon of Kolob, at, in which we filled in all of the holes and told the whole truth and analyzed the whole thing, from start to finish.

    So far, we have only had time to review the first 2 hours of the documentary, but we are gonna review the next 2 hours tomorrow and it should be out by Tuesday, for everyone to listen to.