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    Nino part2


    chai より

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    2007.05.06 Jounetsu Tairiku Kazunari Ninomiya
    An interview in the Berlin Film Festival
    A question from a reporter
    "What kind of experience did you have as an actor by this movie?"
    Nino answered
    "I'm not an actor. I'm singing and dancing in Japan.
    I'm working as a group by five persons.…"
    When he visited Germany and Paris and had free time, he bought a souvenir for a member.
    A new drama of Nino.
    A drama of a Korean true story an autistic young man acquires training and run the whole distance by marathon.
    "Arashi" Tokyo Dome concert.
    Nino said "I'm tense every time only at a moment to go to a stage of a concert." and
    "A performance in Tokyo dome is a pass point like a goal like a dream. I look forward to where this point is connected in the future."
    A concert was over and asked him.
    " Do you play a game today, too?"
    Nino answered "I do." etc.