Duet - I've Got You Under My Skin


per Paolo

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A virtual duet I made with Sony Vegas And Adobe Audition..an experiment..

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Di lupin11 5 anni fa
Sounds nice.
Theyre both great.
Di evelyn sky 6 anni fa
simple...just love it.
Di carolina 6 anni fa
Yeah I know, but it's very very difficult to find two different artists that sing the same song in the same way..I made other duets and I posted them on Youtube and one nearly perfect was I think Too Marvellous For Words, with Ella Fitzgerald, but They banned me and I don't want to upload it anymore..
Di Paolo 7 anni fa

you remember me,......"kamatrikero" in YouTube
great video.....
my english is bad, I see you are Ilalian......

Yo soy de Chile, hablo español, y seguramente tu comprendes mejor el español que yo el inglés.....
asi que te mando un saludo..... , espero que me visites en mi nuevo canal aquí en Dailymotion.....

Di kamatrikero 7 anni fa

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