Limp Bizkit - Eat You Alive


par hiruma95

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Hey you Mrs I dont know what the fuck your name is
Im drawn to you somethings magnetic here
If I could approach you or even get close to the scent that you left behind Id be fine
No doubt that (no doubt) you bring out (bring out) the animal inside
I'D EAT YOU ALIVE!i'd eat you alive..
Hey you, Mrs. too-good-to-look-my-way and that's cool you want nothing at all to do with me.
But I want you, ain't nothing wrong with wanting you cause I'm a man and I can think what the hell I want, you got that
No doubt that (no doubt) I'd love to (I'd love) sniff on them panties now..
I'D EAT YOU ALIVE!!!! i'd eat you alive..
I'D EAT YOU ALIVE!!!! i'd eat you alive..
I'm sorry. So sorry (damn, you're so hot!)
Your beauty is so vain (damn, you're so hot!)
It drives me, yes it drives me (damn your so hot) absolutely insane
I just want to look at you,look at you all
Par urwelcome Il y a 8 ans