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    Florian SEROUSSI

    by Florian SEROUSSI

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    Adrien Adrien Meyer
    Any Gar bheretz, vé anarnou lo margishim a milrama.
    Az, atem yérolim lirshove ma atem rostim, lo irpate lanou.
    By Adrien Adrien Meyer9 years ago
    Am Israël Haï :)
    By PrINCEssI9 years ago
    j'espere que l'ont retrouvera cette harmonie et cette cohabitation que les juifs et les musulmans ont toujours eu depuis la creation de l'islam .
    By magelano9 years ago
    camus tu viens de rater une occasion de te taire. J'ESPERE QU'UN JOUR ON VIVRA TOUS EN SEMBLE DANS CE BEAU PAYS . tu vis ou cizake france ou israel ?
    By magelano9 years ago
    Florian SEROUSSI
    what crimes of Israel, you must kidding...There is only one religion in the world for which LIFE has no meaning. How come those palestinians send their children with bombs around their waist, for which cause can someone kills 3500 innocent on 9/11?? Is that what Islam is all about?? Dying and Killing??
    Have you seen what Iraqi arabs are doing between them, burning Mosquee, decapitating journalists, burning villages, suicide bombs...
    And what about Iran: do you call that a democracy. BTW tell me which Arab country is a democracy? Is there one?? Tell me which Arab country allows Christian to go to church (as there are no churches...) or Jews to be ...jews.
    Arabs living in Israel are Israelis, voters and mostly respected ppl. And none of them wants to be called a Palestinian!!
    By Florian SEROUSSI10 years ago
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