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    The Stomping Land │ Coop Multiplayer First Impressions │ Part 1 │ "Nano Knights"


    by EireBornFenix

    The Stomping Land is a Dinosaur sandbox survival game set in a fictional prehistoric island. In The Stomping Land you take up the role of an ancient tribal man who must survive in the harsh world. You can craft various weapons such as spears, bows and bolas from raw materials such as wood and stone to defend yourself from the wildlife and hunt them down for food. The Stomping Land multiplayer mode lets you set out into the world with other survivors. You can go it solo, set out with others and make a tribe and declare war against other tribes you meet. It's completely open world and player driven. The real danger in The Stompling Land though, is the dinosaurs. Enjoy surviving in a world where everything in the environment is out to get you!

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    The Stomping Land is a multiplayer survival game about living in a world with dinosaurs. Form tribes, setup camp, and hunt down Earth's historic beasts with the goal of becoming the dominant tribe on the island.

    You are a hunter and a scavenger. You survive in a world with dinosaurs, and if any one of them catch you, they will end you in an instant. In fact, you can't kill most dinosaurs with ease, and the ones that you can don't provide plentiful amounts of food. It's the large ones that matter. The ones with bone crushing jaws and skull smashing tails that roam the island and fight each other, who provide the food you want. It's up to you to find methods of surviving for as long as possible, so you can tame these creatures to protect you from the relentless threatening engagements.

    The Stomping Land game is currently under development, and we recommend to read the developer commentary above to get a solid insight on what to expect with your purchase.

    • Dinosaur Survival - You are a hunter and a scavenger. You survive in a world with dinosaurs, and if any of the catch you, they will end you in an instant. There are also massive ones that can only be killed with tames dinosaurs.
    • Taming Dinosaurs - You can kill a dinosaur and if your expertise is high enough and you have the right plant you can revive a dinosaur to become your mount.
    • Tracking Methods - Use a variety of tracking methods to hunt down your prey. Including astronomy, footprints and distant sounds.
    • Stealth and Customization - You can find foliage throughout the world to add to your character to customize his appearance and increase stealth against dinosaurs and effectively create your own ghillie suit.
    • Changing World - A day and night cycle, buildings you can construct and unpredictable weather means the world is ever changing and what may or may not be there when you log off may change when you get back on.
    — The game is still an early build and more features are yet to be added!

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