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    Attacks in Pakistan kill seven, as Taliban refuses to extend ceasefire

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    A total of seven people were killed in two attacks in Pakistan, which coincided with the Taliban's refusal to renew the ceasefire agreement with the government, according to reports by the Express Tribune.

    The Tuesday attack targeted a Frontier Corps vehicle. An explosive-laden motorcycle was parked outside a busy bazaar in Chaman, which was detonated when a Frontier Corps car passed the area.

    Another attack was launched on a police patrol car and an escort van in Badhaber, a village near Peshawar on Monday night.

    Gunshots were rained down at the vehicles. Officers in the escort van returned fire, forcing the gunmen to retreat. Believing the coast was clear, the policemen started to evacuate the injured. More assailants returned and started attack again.

    "The attackers had taken positions at different locations along the main road. They attacked the police patrol at three different locations," said sub-inspector Aslam Khan in an interview with the Express Tribune.

    The Monday attack left seven people dead, and at least five people were injured in the bazaar explosion on Tuesday.

    No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks yet.


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