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    Argentina drugs: pizzeria sold cocaine, marijuana in special Dolores Fonzi menu

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    Three people were arrested on Wednesday after police busted a band of drug traffickers selling cocaine and marijuana hidden inside food sold at a pizzeria on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

    El Sol reported that the drug traffickers ran the pizzeria in Lanus, a district southwest of Buenos Aires, where they classified customers into two different groups to which they would offer two different menus, a "clean" one or a "drug" one.

    On the drug menu, Fox News Latino reported, an empanada filled with drugs cost 50 pesos ($6) while the "special" mozzarella pizza served up with three small bags of drugs costed 100 pesos ($12).

    To help customers recognize the food that contained drugs, traffickers named the special pizza and the empanada after actress Dolores Fonzi and used her pictures on the menu.

    According to the Latin American Herald Tribune, after police raided the shop they found 83 grams of cocaine, 83 grams of marijuana, a revolver, a shotgun, two mobile phones and 2,500 pesos (about $310) in cash.

    They also found as many as 22 pictures of the Argentinian actress Fonzi, including a picture of Fonzi holding a plant, which was used on the menus.


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