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Ferrari: One of the most legendary names in the automotive industry on both the road and the race track. The Fiorano 599 is Ferrari’s fastest and most powerful production car – able to achieve top speeds of more than 300 kilometres per hour. With a price tag of over a quarter million US dollars, the Fiorano 599 is a dynamic blend of high performance race car with the luxurious interior of a sports car. To bring a vehicle like this to the market, the Ferrari factory must serve as part-high tech garage and part-art studio.

The factory is an architectural triumph, featuring an engine works area that houses trees growing indoors to help maintain the ideal humidity and air quality levels for engine construction. The Fiorano 599’s 800-part engine is put together entirely by hand. Robots meticulously probe the car’s chassis in 800 different places, searching for tiny flaws. The paint shop is glass-walled and hermetically-sealed to avoid an uneven finish. Each Ferrari’s leather interior takes 30 hours to create, using lasers and seamstresses to cut the leather precisely. Finally, each Ferrari is individually tested on the factory’s private race track before being shipped out.

Megafactories are some of the most unique production facilities on Earth. We visit Italy’s Ferrari factories, to witness the construction of the Ferrari 599 from molten metal through to its 200 mph test drives, and learn how Formula One technology is transferred onto the production line.


you, my good sir, are? a champ ..i feel lonely though.. ;))
By lunalovely 4 years ago
Superbe reportage, Merçi.
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I think so too! Thanks for sharing your videos!
Ferrari is the best! Hope Kimi or Massa wins the F1.
By Maz 8 years ago
agree; I'm a big fan of your channel.
By ramvines 8 years ago
Your channel is one of the best in the internet bro! Keep up the great work!
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