True Norwegian Black Metal - Part 1



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By Ken Vorland 3 years ago
wow ! ^o^ ,,..
By rogina3 5 years ago
You sir have won +3 internets. :D chat with me! :-)
By lovellybaby 5 years ago
To these people laws mean nothing, only the "message". Gorgoroth is a band that lives and breathes for their ideology; they become more like symbols really, with their music as the means for communication. Locking them up will only generate more interest in what they do. If you do not agree with their views, then don't waste time trying to argue out what is right and what is wrong. That doesn't matter to them.
By Your Worst Nightmare 6 years ago
the vocalist is still in jail...likely to be thre for years]
By sakif_981 7 years ago
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