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    Passion of Jesus A.S part 2

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    We can find Easter in pagan history.

    Pagans have always got excited about spring, because they saw the sun increasing in power, animals mating, and plant life reviving. With their minds totally blinded by a holy God, they exalted animal and human fertility, reproduction, and sexual love. Goddesses of love and fertility were worshipped with spring festivals and gross immorality. The Roman Catholic Church, seeking to "Christianize" the pagans, gave new names and meanings to the old pagan festivals to keep their unregenerated members happy. Any encyclopedia will confirm this brief synopsis, and we have provided some links to help you at the bottom of this document. But Bible Christians are plainly told to reject any association with pagan religion or any religious things highly esteemed by the world. Any participation in them is spiritual adultery and highly offensive to the most high God.

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