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    Robert Palmer - I Didn't Mean To Turn Yo


    by jpdc11

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    Will Inkling
    Very good funk song !
    By Will InklingJanuary
    Laura Martinez
    sixteen year olds are you kidding me
    By Laura MartinezLast year
    i can't really say what is better: cherrelles original, or his version...but it is definetly one of the best coverversions i've ever heard! and he's so kool, he'd even freeze up hell...!
    By zarcon855 years ago
    James Bradley
    Palmer originally recorded ths song as a farce, claiming to be disgusted at the idea of a 16 year old girl performing it (Shirelle, in 1984). The tune, penned by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis of Janet Jackson fame, was re-done by Palmer who claimed to find to find it ironic when performed by a middle aged man with kids (Palmer was 36 at the time, married, and had two children). He was surprised when Island Records issued it as a single from his multi million selling RIPTIDE album, even more so when it hit the Top 10 in the UK and climbed to to #2 on the US Charts late in 1986.
    By James Bradley5 years ago
    Oh lord!Where to look first?
    By mez677 years ago
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