Hulk Hogan vs. Iron Sheik-WWF title


by Stinger1981

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John Paulson
This is a very rare find as Hulk Hogan enters to the Eye of the Tiger. Most current releases have Real American dubbed over as the RIAA has become very strict in having royalties paid. In addition WWF is mentioned and the F is not edited out.
By John Paulson3 years ago
where you auctually there when it happened
By rosena086 years ago
Ross Howells
Sheik should have broken Hogan's back and made him humble in the old country way.
By Ross Howells7 years ago
Skye Reynolds
I like the part where Freddie Blassie claimed that Iron Sheik sparred with opponents larger than Hogan to train. You never hear that kind of stuff in wrestling today.
By Skye Reynolds7 years ago
Peter A. Arriaga
1st time I'm seeing this since that historic day. I'll never forget that entrance. Thanks for posting some great memories!
By Peter A. Arriaga8 years ago
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