fullmoon by asa

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asa is one of the top Japanese breakbeats & hip-hop
producers active today with collaboration
credits engulfing artists like DJ Krush, DJ Hide & countless other!

1998/9 One song on "Kakusei" by DJ KRUSH
1999/4 One song on "Shikon" Shibuya FM compilation ALUBM
1999/6 Founded Jar-Beat Records
1999/8 Independent Release first work "asa-ep" No. J-001 limited edition of 1000 ..
2000/4 " Kigenkikou" No. J-002 l
imited edition of 2500.. featuring THA BLUE HARB/BOSS THE MC, DJ BAKU
2000/10 "beat back"which is one of song in "Kigenn kikou" got no.
1 in Howie-B official site/record BOX chart
2000/5 " Jakunenn" NO. J-003 limited edition of 1500 DJ DAIKEI & asa 2000/8 One song on "Kyougenn" speedstar compilation ALUBM with DJ BAKU
2000/9 " Rabbit The Direction" (7inch) NO.J-004 limited edition of 500 collaborated with Fujita Blender
2001/3 " DEEPEST" NO. J-005 limited edition of 1000collaborated with Headroc ( DAZZLE-T & KAZ)
2001/4 " Sanagi" NO. J-006 limited edition of 800 collaborated with Rumi( poetry)
2001/7 One song on "43-26" skateboadVT compilation by Takahiro Morita
2002/6 One song on "HOME BREWER" compilation ALUBM
2002/7 One song on "KAGAMI" NavelCord compilation ALUBM
2002/9 " beauty" NO.J-007/CD-001 asa new unit by "shigam"
2005/3 It participated japanise underground rapper cd"JAM"JBRCD-002 all track by asa ..2006/9 It made it from one Frorpedisc from 1999to2000 beat collection cd "1,44MBeat vol,1"JBRCD-003
2006/12 asa 1st album "FastAbstractBass"
2007/1 "1,44MBeat vol,2"
2008/1 asa 2nd album "FastAbstractBass2"
2008/8 asa"JAM2