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    Ketchup anti war slapstick Hippie Mivie

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    von Raihansmeyer

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    ketchup anti-war a hippie film from the 70th. The film plays in Meerbusch near Duesseldorf in Germany the film is perfectly freely and spontaneously develop very much experiemeteller art film that the war in a comedy slapstick clings to way shows. The film obtain the life feeling of the Love generation in Germany and obtain the spontaneous strength over the format the super eight a little sexy will God is amateurful affectionately insceniert owing to it gave the 70th. KETCHUP Antiwar Hippie Film end of 1970th in Germany
    Meerbusch Düsseldorf Art Hippie culture Kultur Kunst Kunstfilm Artfilm Eperiemental Film against War super 8 1977 germany Deutschland Büderich Blood tears dance on the fields in meerbusch .spontan spontanität without cut. Its an experimental comedy of the love , peace, subculture and underground generation in Meerbusch .Europe Germany Düsseldorf Meerbusch 70th

    Regie Raine Hansmeyer
    Actor Winfried Schmitz-Linkweiler
    Actor Michael Jäger
    Music Thomas Lipke