Shawn Michaels vs Shelton Benjamin


par xAnisx

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this was 2005
Par ***Il y a 7 ans
shelton please go to TNA. wwe will never give him a push at a big title he is doomed to be a lowcarder for life in wwe. and its a waste of talent...imagine Shelton vs Aj styles...
Par _jensa_Il y a 8 ans
John Tucker
Shit Shawn is the best! He almost killed Shelton with that Sweet Chin Music!
Par John TuckerIl y a 8 ans
Nadav Fridler
shawn michaels sucks
its true
its damn true
Par Nadav FridlerIl y a 8 ans
well shelton seems to get a push at the ecw title now thats atleast something..
Par _jensa_Il y a 8 ans
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