1 AN - Guillemots | We're here | A Take Away Show

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To celebrate the Take Away Show's first birthday, we give away six exclusive videos.

Here, Guillemots' singer is singing "We're here" down a building in the XVIII° distric of Paris.



Pour fêter le premier anniversaire des Concerts à emporter, nous vous offrons six vidéos exclusives.

Ici, le chanteur des Guillemots inteprète "We're here" au pied d'un immeuble du XVIIe arrondissement, à Paris.


1 commentaire

cool. these films always seem to have a certain look and feel. id be really interested to know whether your footage gets some sort of post-production (pehaps grading?) or is this style just achieved from camera, lighting etc.
Par Luke Hearn il y a 8 ans