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    Rosie O' Donnell On The War. May 1, 2007


    by Da'Vi



    Ben Herriott
    I'm against the war in Iraq. I'll probably get a lotta grief for this but as I see it, the troops are just doing their jobs. I respect Rosie's opinion. I think Elizabeth should go work with Bill O'Reilly, they both don't know when to shut up and listen.
    By Ben Herriott8 years ago
    God I love rosie... she's so... I don't know! Thank you rosie for being my idol!
    By Rock-Stars9 years ago
    she must work with ya momma........ya retard!
    By stinky709 years ago
    Sander Gander
    stinky70, I would love to curse you out. But instead ill just try to match you point for point. Instead of calling elizabeth a dirty whore who blows the bush administration, ill say this. You like cock in the ass.
    By Sander Gander9 years ago
    CLUCK,CLUCK CLUCK,CLUCK....SNORT SEWEEEE!! CLUCK,CLUCK!SORT...SNORT ,WEEEEEE,WEEEEE SNORT!! Sounds like a pig got in a chicken coop.......But seriously I love Elisabeth, she speaks her mind against overwhelming odds in opinion....Very courageous!!! Now rosie on the other hand is a cowardly pig and a traitor! and her ass isn't to far off from her face being all the shit she spews....bullshit,bullshit, bullshit misinformation gobbled up by the weak minds.cowardly & traitors
    By stinky709 years ago