Magnum TA vs Tully Blanchard


by PWF

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Magnum TA vs Tully Blanchard Starrcade 85.


magnum cut an even more stunning figure when you saw him live. and aftter breaking a sweat he appeared even more of a titan. tully was unscrupulous. he'd resort to anything necessary. in this match he bust magnum's head open with a spike, which he uses repeatedly to draw more blood. tully wails like a baby when magnum takes the spike to him. tully is at his most sadistic, and magnum absorbs brutal punishment.
By japanpro 3 years ago
Magnum TA later managed Tully Blanchard and Barry Windham in Dusty Rhodes TCW
By ukfan86 6 years ago
He didn't die, Half of his body got paralyzed in a car accident which ended his career early.
By tank_dogg06 6 years ago
That was a good match. This is my first time seeing Magnum TA after hearing quite a few positive things about him. It's sad he died so young. He may have been a big star.
By DreConSmith 6 years ago