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    Foxxy's Flea Market Pickups #3: Stockpile From 2013 (Part 1)


    by Fox_Parasyte

    This video was originally uploaded to youtube on 4/23/14

    Yup finally making more of these again. I explain in the video why i havent made one of these in a while. Also like the title and the video suggest all the stuff is from last year and i am using the ebay prices i got at the end of the video are from pre november 2013. For all i know some of these things could have gotten cheaper or more expensive i have no idea so just keep that in mind.

    Outro videos in order from top to bottom

    1. Foxxy Reviews: Nyko Core controller (PS3)

    2. Elgato Game Capture HD Showing Gameplay Using HDCP Bypass VS Without
    Link --->