The sculptures of the museum

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The first works of art that a visitor to the museum sees are the sculptures in the garden, and the main sculptures collection is to be found within the museum. Among these, a bronze
by Rodin, L’Ombre, is to be seen. Inside the museum, works from the finest sculptors displayed in numerous galleries present the evolution of sculpture through the ages.
The collection of the Museum of Fine Arts hosts highlights periods, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, including an exceptional collection of Italian works, which can be seen on level I. There are also works from the nineteenth and the twentieth century, which include
several pieces by Joseph Chinard and Antoine Bourdelle as well as masterpieces by James Pradier and Auguste Rodin, which are to be found in the chapel. Biblical or historical figures, heroes from the Mythology, monsters and animals are keen to surprise you along your path through the galleries, the garden or in the museum’s chapel. The works of Rodin are one of the collections’ most treasured highlights and it is one of the largest selections of his works in France after the Rodin museum in Paris itself, which was created during his lifetime. The collection contains numerous pieces from the various creative periods of his life.

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