John Baruch - Is there life out there


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As public lectures go, that was pitifully mediocre. I'm used to university researchers giving dry details rather than a captivating narrative; but Baruch rarely even touched on the topic of his talk; and his delivery was more of a fumbling assortment of comments than a coherent lecture. I was left with the feeling of overwhelming sadness for the students at South China University of Technology in Guangzhong, where he has been given the post of visiting lecturer. They deserve much better, and we deserve a better ambassador.

As an incidental, I came to watch this video because Dr John Baruch was to give the same talk at North Yorkshire Humanist Group, and without explanation he didn't show-up. Lots of people turned out especially. Someone had the neat idea of playing your recorded lecture as a fall-back, but it became clear that we hadn't exactly missed a treat.
By Dailymotion Last year