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    The Pack - Im Shinin'


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    Artist: The Pack
    Title: "I'm Shinin'"
    Album: Skateboards 2 Scrapers

    The Pack is a rap group from Berkeley, California. The group consists of Lil Uno, Lil B, Young L, and Young $tunna. They age from 16-19. The Pack was discovered by the veteran rapper Too $hort in 2005 while listening to one of their songs in a car as he was being driven to a show. He quickly went on a Bay wide hunt to find the group and sign them to his Up All Nite Records.

    The Pack's hit song "Vans" is number 23 on the top 30 hip hop charts, played on 65 hip hop stations nationwide and on 35 pop stations nationwide. It was also recently named #5 on Rolling Stone's "Best songs of 2006" list. The song featured a chorus of "Got my Vans on, but they look like sneakers; (You) wearing coke whites but my Vans look cleaner." Their video "Vans" has been aired on BET but MTV refused to show the video for advertisement reasons. However, MTV airs an edited version of the video, in which the word "Vans" is censored in throughout the song. MTV's decision created controversy, with many accusing the network of a double standard.[1] Their second single Im Shinin is a hit on MTV Jams and made it to on MTV's Elite 8.