I was ALMOST SEDUCED by "The Secret"

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Is "The Secret" that was put out by Rhonda Byrne, Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield and featured on the Oprah show just a self help tool that enables you get what you want out of life by using the "The Secret Law of Attraction" and having "Powerful Intentions"? Or is it REALLY something else entirely??


there is no contradiction between the law of attraction and Christianity. God created the universe with this as an infallible law that exists in it. just as gravity, thermodynamics and every other law. The law works for everybody good or bad. Billy gram utilized it, as did adolf hitler. you will be judged by what you do with it and you will use it for the rest of your life whether you want to accept it or not.
By enchlossen1 7 years ago
there is no love in fear
By rbertone1 7 years ago
Cena_sucks, why would you believe in a movie. God works. End of discussion.
By racingturtle 7 years ago
Mariann lisenbe you're wrong.....
how can you be that stupid????
By Amer Moreau 7 years ago
That's interesting. Thanks for sharing your viewpoint. I don't really agree, but I celebrate your belief.
By Megan 7 years ago
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