Austin signs for Raw (01/04/2002)


par Mohaned

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Actually what led to serious issues between Flair and Austin was Flair screwing him(albeit accidentally) at Backlash in that contender's match.
Par TheArtisanMosaic il y a 6 ans
good thing that Flair didn´t have a heart attack while he was so happy after Stone Cold stunned McMahon
Par Egill Ragnarsoon il y a 7 ans
Shd've toasted the rattlesnake Ric
Par Graham il y a 7 ans
thats what they based it on in shut your mouth
Par LFCWonderBoy91 il y a 7 ans
This video is kind of like what happens in WWE Smackdown Shut Your Mouth in Season mode when Austin signs the contract for WWE RAW.
Par HBKfan16 il y a 8 ans
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