Jay-Z ft Chrisette Michele - Lost Ones

Philippe Vieuxchange
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All Yall Rappers and other fictional characters is like Chris Brown, You know polite in public, but trying to act bad now, Put ya hands on the Child, Cause Her pops silent and never smile. Yall out of style Like FUBU, IM GUCCI not the man or Mane, I A M GUCCI, Married to Porsche, thats the car, Carried by the Cayenne, TO the ER in a Turbo, had to drive slow, Versace was trying to freshen up the don, Had to see No Mo, this time, Fool Looking Like a Leech, Thought I was Salty, tried to defend a bitch from Uruguay, Im like FUcker you Gayer than Tru Life, So if thats ya wife, Tell the bitch don't ever ever ever come around here no more, and When I see that brown hummer, its gone be a class of the "Big Cats" so Lay it down, cause them pits still hounds, they smell the blood, still came from the wolf, so try to fox mine out, and i will Ill You Like Na Na, thats Brown, No Heroine in my town, everybody knows green, Mine white, cause the money is out of sight, Revenge Not Like the Karate Kid
Par Rich Mundo il y a 5 ans
Im tannin like Olga, Palin Like Sarah, Yall Whalin like Prince William and the other, Forget the firestarter or Hellraiser, I got an electric Oven, NO bread, so believe the Chicken is Smothered, A lil Tomato Paste, A Lil Parsley, No Oregano, No Basil, and No Rosemary, We Dead the Funeral, and torture the family at the wait, Wake Up, Look Up, Im down, and wall street still around, I still dont defer to the Black Wallstreet, Its a Game to them, Its only Hands down, Money In My Pocket where I stand, Or Where I was Dropped, or where I was Copped, and Where the Cops infilitrated my dreams of setting up a World Shop, So Get ya Money Right Only Black Cards like Farrahkhan, Not the Man, American no Bandstand, To the Curve, I mean the Card, Plastic Like Janice Dickinson, No Homo, But Ill stick ya son, NO Pretty Tony, No Goldie, No Money Mike, Its Return of The Baby Brother, not The Boy, No Toy, I was Pryor to Richard, Being quick, Like Bitch get off my dick, No Sidekicks, Only Descendants.
Par Rich Mundo il y a 5 ans
Uh,[breathe], cigarette exhale, no rats in US. Fired, No Univision, ITs I vision, not cleary, too much sweat, too much beef, too much of my own blood on the pavement, too much hating, too much debating, I got my reasons to doubt, the probation officer, but I still put the joints down, No weed, no memories of me pre greed, its just post greed, see em smokin, who got that weed? What its hitting for, matter of fact, you friend of foe, Jay- You lost a fan today, cause I feel Personified by this song, Niggas try to run a race, U already won, I hate to tell them that one they lost, is gone lead to an infinite amount of pain, no purple rain, so Fuck the Umbrellas, If Rick Ross on top of the Game, I must be the world's Strongest Man, If Gucci Man can go Platinum or Gold then I shouldnt even be rapping, Should be cap'n, like welcome to the team, No Dream, Nothing Like Serene, Been to Venus, OOPs thats Venice, Danica leading the way, Im eating Yogurt, I got Culture, Here come the shit, that DUKE
Par Rich Mundo il y a 5 ans