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    Best Friends

    Rasean Blyden

    by Rasean Blyden


    Yeah best friends til the end like Chucky
    Sometimes it can come down to that
    But I like to work things out or I try to as of late
    Thanks to my nigga skeptical
    Here this yo
    Yo being someone’s best friend aint easy
    Almost cost me a close friend you know that’s real B
    Told me that you couldn’t trust him now you’re close to him B
    Now yall work together in and outside of work it’s all good B
    Said he was never my true friend and that’s wrong B
    Went through some things in our relationship is real strong B
    Right now I’m calling you out cause I am the quite storm
    B don’t back me in a corner
    This friendship will be over
    (Repeat 4)
    Yeah that’s real yo
    Aint right ya heard me
    So yeah yeah
    Some friendships weren’t meant to be
    While other friendships were just destiny
    Saying I’m sorry over and over don’t mean a thing
    Saying I love you all the time it diminish the meaning
    B don’t back me in a corner
    This friendship will be over
    (Repeat 4)
    Yeah that’s the truth yall
    Shout out to my nigga Rez
    My nigga
    This friendship will be over
    Bye my best friend
    Bye my best friend will be over
    (Repeat twice)
    Hell yeah
    Skeptical says I am giving up too easy on relationships
    My answer is sometimes the pressure aint worth it
    Rez is my nigga so hell yeah I’ll defend him
    You’re sarcasm leave a lot to be desired
    Like Donald Trump I just wanna yell out
    You’re fired
    Don’t wanna fight no more my body’s tired
    I just want some happiness damn it
    Fuck this I don’t wanna fight no more my best friend you need to chill
    Seriously I can’t take this and the heat is gonna make me piss